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Woolf Soft Blueberry Strips

Woolf Soft Blueberry Strips

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When buying 4 bags or more of Woolf treats, the price will be NOK 29.75 per bag. bag.

Woolf Soft Blueberry Strips are without artificial additives, preservatives or colourings.
The high content of C-viatmin in the treats helps to promote the dog's immune system, so that it can better stand up to possible infection risks in its surroundings. The antioxidants are some of the content that makes blueberries particularly healthy and good for both animals and humans.

Composition: chicken 40%, blueberries 50%, minerals, starch and glycerin
Analysis: crude protein 10%, crude fat 4%, crude fiber 1%, crude ash 6%, water 25%

content 100 grams

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