Collection: Treats & snacks

Dog treats and other dog snacks cannot be dispensed with, they can be used from snacks, training and as dental care.

What treats are best for dog training?

Training, activating and raising the dog will be easier for you and more fun for your dog with treats. However, there are several things that come into play, it can be an advantage to choose treats that are soft, as it makes it easier for the dog to eat them, and it reduces the chance of the dog getting something wrong in the throat, as well as find treats with a really good taste, so that it is not just the same every time, it will motivate the dog, I would recommend the Meat & treat treats on this page, they are sausages that you cut out yourself and they are soft and really delicious.

Chewing gum for dental care

Few dogs like to have their teeth brushed, but dental care still needs to be maintained. Therefore, I can recommend a product like our antlers from Tikki, they keep the dog's teeth really healthy.