Collection: Dog harness

A harness for your dog is not just a harness, it must fit 100% correctly on your dog, to avoid bothering your dog.

How should a harness fit on a dog

We have a few tips to choose from.

  • Consider a padded harness. It is gentler on the dog's fur and thus more comfortable.

  • The harness must be stable, must not be loose at the sides and must preferably lie a little further back on the back so that the pressure is distributed better.

  • The pressure should be on the chest. It must not be at the neck.

  • The dog must have free movement. This means that the front legs should be free of the harness to avoid discomfort.

Feel free to contact us if there is any doubt about which harness will suit your dog.

Experience comfort and safety with dog harnesses from Red Dingo and Ruffwear

When it comes to ensuring comfort and safety during walks and adventures with your dog, dog harnesses from Red Dingo and Ruffwear are the best choices. Both brands are known for their innovative design and high quality, which ensures that your dog is comfortable wherever you go.

Red Dingo : Red Dingo is known for their stylish and durable dog harnesses that combine functionality with great design. With a wide selection of colors and patterns, you can find a harness that perfectly matches your dog's personality. Red Dingo harnesses are made of durable materials that ensure long-term use, and they are designed with a focus on your dog's comfort. Adjustable straps and soft padded areas ensure a comfortable fit that prevents chafing and discomfort.

Ruffwear : Specializing in outdoor gear for dogs, Ruffwear offers harnesses that are perfect for both daily walks and demanding adventures. Their braces are known for their robust construction and ergonomic design that provides optimal support and comfort. With features such as padded chest and belly straps, multiple adjustment points and strong buckles, Ruffwear harnesses are ideal for active dogs and their owners. Many of their models also have extra features such as handles for extra control and reflective details for increased visibility in low light.

Whether you choose a Red Dingo harness for its style and comfort or a Ruffwear harness for its durability and functionality, you can be sure that your dog will have the best equipment for any adventure. Make walks safer and more comfortable with the fantastic dog harnesses from Red Dingo and Ruffwear.