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Tikki Antlers

Tikki Antlers

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Deer antlers from Tikki - a purely natural chew bone for your dog that does not splinter. Your dog will love to chew on it and it will keep your dog's teeth clean.

Your dog will love this chew bone, at the same time the bone has a teeth-cleaning effect.

The product is 100% natural, it is rich in calcium and natural minerals

From April to August, the deer's antlers grow out.

From September to February, the stag wears the fully grown, beautiful antlers.

In February and March, the deer sheds its antlers again so that a new one can grow. Here, these beautiful antlers are collected in the wild, completely without harming the deer.

Such antlers can last for weeks for some dogs.
If the dog loses interest, or you just want to make it delicious for your dog, here is a tip.
1. Boil water.
2. Pour it into a bowl and dissolve a little bit of boullion (you choose the taste).
3. Insert the antler and let it draw.
4. You have a fresh antler with a little flavor that your dog will love.
ATTENTION Heat treated to avoid bacteria


XS: 25-50 g (approx. 10-14cm)

S: 50-80g (approx. 13-16cm)

M: 80-120g (approx. 15-18cm)

L: 120-160G (approx. 16-19cm)

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