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Royal Toast

Royal Toast

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The bowl is made of melamine, which is a strong and compact plastic material. (Melamine is also often used in the manufacture of kitchen utensils, so it is not toxic) The material gives the bowl weight and with a rubber ring at the bottom of the bowl, it stands firmly when the dog eats.

The melamine bowl comes with a stainless steel bowl that fits in. This means that you can easily pick up the steel bowl when you need to fill up with water or food.
Both melamine and stainless steel are easy to clean, so you can always keep your dog's bowl neat and hygienic.

If the stainless steel bowl gets limescale or other damage over time, it can be purchased in bulk and replaced (purchase item, contact us about this).


Medium - 350 ml

Large - 700 ml

X-Large - 1400 ml

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