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Platinum Fit-Stick Chicken & Lamb

Platinum Fit-Stick Chicken & Lamb

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In these treats, only the best from freshly slaughtered chicken and lamb is used, without adding water, Platinum treats are made by gently cooking the meat (76%) with rice in the meat's own juices. Afterwards, they are dried and shaped into soft bars that can be broken and used as treats, or as a snack in their actual form.

It's a real healthy low-fat treat for your dog's daily training/reward.


Fresh chicken and lamb meat (76%), fresh chicken liver, broken rice, dried brewer's yeast, dried applesauce, alfalfa, yucca extract, green-lipped mussel extract, milk thistle seeds, dried fennel, sarsaparilla root, dried artichoke, watercress, chamomile tea extract, dandelion, dried gentian, potassium chloride.

Analyzed content:

• Crude protein 24%
• Crude fat 9.9%
• Crude ash 6.5%
• Wood material 2.5%
• Calcium 1.5%
• Phosphorus 1%
• Moisture 18% (natural content)


No vitamins or minerals are added.

Preserved with natural potassium sorbate.

Antioxidants: Tocopherol-containing extracts of natural resource.

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