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Paw Spin Activation slow feeder Blue

Paw Spin Activation slow feeder Blue

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With this Paw Spin Activation slow feeder it is now fun to eat or put treats in them for extra play or slower eating.

If your dog needs more mental stimulation during the day, upgrade their meals and make SPIN Feeder their new favorite bowl!

These slow feeding dog food bowls have a palette shaped spinner with small cups that can hold a small portion of food pellets or treats, it forces your dog to take time to eat to prevent indigestion.

For more interactive play, remove the spinner and turn the bowl upside down to hide the treats for your dog to find.

Advantages of this type of bowl

- If the dog vomits after eating its food, it can very likely be because the dog has eaten too quickly, you will be able to remedy this with this bowl.

- if the dog needs to lose weight, a slow feeder can help with weight loss. When the dog eats slowly, it will absorb the feed and all nutrition much better.

Unique award winning food bowl for slow eating for dogs.

Made without the use of PVC, latex, metals and phthalates.

Dimensions: Ø 25 x 9.2 cm

Capacity: approx. 2 l

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