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Paikka Ceramic bowl

Paikka Ceramic bowl

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The Paikka Slow Feed ceramic bowl is much more than 'just' a nice dog bowl.

The integrated meat bone at the bottom of the bowl makes it a bit difficult for the dog to pick up its food. It therefore forces the dog to eat a little more slowly, instead of swallowing the food.

But the Paikka bowl also has another fantastic feature. It can cool. The bowl is made of a specially patented ceramic which, if poured with cold water for 45 seconds, activates a cooling effect.

If you use the bowl for water, the water will stay cool longer. If you use the bowl for wet food, it will last longer, and if you use the bowl for barf, you can achieve a slow and controlled thaw.

  • The Slow Eat bowl can be stimulating for the dog
  • Slow Eat encourages a fast-eating dog to slow down a little
  • The unique material cools the bowl for several hours using only cold water
  • Handmade, patented production method

The bowl is dishwasher safe, make sure the bowl does not move in the dishwasher during washing!

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