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Fenriz necklace

Fenriz necklace

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Fenriz offers a range of handmade collars and leads that are created to satisfy the needs of both dogs and owners. These products are carefully crafted from heavy-duty polyester webbing, ensuring a reliable and durable construction that can withstand daily use and adventure.

With a simple and functional design, Fenriz focuses on the essentials. Every element has been carefully considered to ensure maximum ease of use and comfort, both for dogs and their owners.

The best thing about the Fenriz series is that it is not only designed, but also handmade in Denmark. This shows a strong commitment to quality and local production. The Fenriz collars are also adjustable so that they can be adapted to the size of the dog, and they close easily with a strong plastic buckle, which makes them convenient and safe to use. With Fenriz, you don't just get a necklace, but a symbol of quality, functionality and Danish craftsmanship.

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