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Bestla - Hundeudstyr



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The entire Fenriz Aktiv collection is handmade toys produced in Poland. The reward toy has a high quality, where a lot of love has been put into the production of each individual toy. As it is handmade, each piece is completely unique - no two are alike.

Fenriz Active Bungee with ball is a versatile toy that can be used both for training, but also for fetching, throwing and pulling games. The strong elastic has a shock-absorbing effect on debris and pulls on the ball, which contributes to better conditions during training or play, for both you and your dog. At the same time, the elastic effect contributes to your dog being spared unnecessary shocks in the neck and shoulder area. At the opposite end of the ball, there is a handle, which ensures that you have a good grip and thus the power for playing or training.

What makes the Fenriz Active Bungee with ball something special?

Fenriz Aktiv Bungee with ball is produced in Poland, where there is a great focus on choice of materials. For example, the ball is produced in a Polish factory with a special safety certificate for animals. In addition, dangerous poisons or other preparations which can be harmful are NOT used in the production. With a strong and solid nylon band of 65 cm and a ball with a spiral pattern, you and your dog have the best prerequisites for good training or play.

Specifications for Fenriz Active Bungee with ball

  • Produced in Poland
  • No use of toxins
  • Safety certified for animals
  • Nylon band of 65 cm
  • Ball with spiral pattern
  • Ball ø6cm

Fenriz Aktiv Chaser with ball and skin comes in both a variant with red and blue nylon band as well as balls in different colours. NOTE that this product ships in assorted colors.

Please note that there may be slight deviations in the size of the product. Fenriz Aktiv is handmade, so it may occur.

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