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Eat Slow Lick Pad

Eat Slow Lick Pad

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Eat Slow Live Longer Fun & Relax Lick Mat

A very soft and flexible Lick Pad for your dog. Choose a Lick pads as activation or stress relief for the dog.

When you have to groom and brush your dog, these Lick Pads are a really good distraction, so you can brush the dog without any problems.

This model is made of 100% silicone and thanks to the smart suction cups you can easily attach it to almost any surface. The bathtub, the window, the wall and of course the floor.

This Lick Pad is both freezer and dishwasher safe.

Suggestions for using the Eat Slow Lick Pad
You can use Eat Slow in a number of different ways.
our recommendation, is a diversion for anxiety-provoking situations such as bathing or cutting nails.
It is also good for feeding slowly if you use wet food, as the obstacles on Eat Slow slow down the dog's pace and thus give the dog a better taste experience, as well as preventing the dog from getting the food down its throat.

The dog also finds it much more fun to eat his food when he has to work for it.

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