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Chicopee Joint Bites can be a supportive element for your dog's cartilage and joints. The treat is suitable for dogs from 1 year of age.

Joint Bites is a soft treat (semi-moist) with the taste of green-lipped mussel and prawns. They are low in fat and with a delicious filling of various vitamins. Vitamin A, which is aimed at eyesight, vitamin D, which can strengthen bones and teeth, and vitamin E, which can strengthen your dog's immune system.

Special features:

  • Can have a supportive effect on your dog's cartilage and joints
  • Low fat
  • Contains extra vitamins
Indicative dosage
Weight 2.5-15.0 kg 15.0-30.0 kg 30.0-60.0 kg
Snacks during the day 1-6 snacks 6-10 snacks 10-18 snacks

Note that your dog's breed, activity level and age also influence the dosage. Please keep Chicopee Joint Bites cool and dry.

Composition: cereals (including 17% rice), meat and animal by-products (including 22.0% dried poultry protein), vegetable by-products, molluscs and crustaceans (1% green-lipped mussels, 1% dried shrimp), vegetables
Analytical constituents: water 28.0%, protein 22.0%, fat content 2.5%, crude fiber 1.5%, crude ash 4.6%

Content 300 grams.

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