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Belcando Tick Pliers 2 pcs.

Belcando Tick Pliers 2 pcs.

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These special tick tweezers easily remove ticks. The tweezers should be found in every home with pets.

How to use the tick pliers: Brush away the hair around the tick. Grasp the tick's head with the tweezers and slowly slide the tweezers around the insect's head. Gently twist the tweezers until the tick is released. Avoid sudden movements.

Note: be aware that if there are any remains of the tick left, you must contact your vet and pay attention to the wound.

Ticks are most active in the months of May to October, however this period can be longer or shorter depending on the temperature. During this period, they must have adequate means to treat them. They live mainly in the ground, forests, areas with tall and dense vegetation and along roadsides. They climb grass and bushes up to a meter high, from where they can jump onto animals or people.

Ticks can transmit dangerous diseases, such as Lyme disease, which can cause rashes but in the worst case can affect the central nervous system. But there is a good chance of protecting yourself from these infections by removing ticks a few hours after the first bite.

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