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Bamboo Groom



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Whether you're experienced or new to brushing, you'll appreciate the high-quality craftsmanship behind each Bamboo Groom grooming brush. This brush is handcrafted from one of the world's most sustainable resources... bamboo! It is both light and durable. With an ergonomic handle with thumb rests for a secure grip.

This brush is ideal for:

  • Short, medium and long coats of all types
  • Removes loose hair and dirt from the upper part of the coat.
  • Stimulate skin, hair follicles and blood supply.

Before you start grooming your pet, make sure it is calm and comfortable. Introduce the brush to your pet by letting them see and smell it. Use long, gentle strokes that follow the direction of the hair and avoid harsh contact with your pet's skin. Use treats and soothing reassurance during the grooming process to maintain your pet's positive attitude! Regular grooming (once or twice a week for several minutes) will keep your pet's coat clean and matted with a healthy shine.

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