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B&B Paw clipper 2in1

B&B Paw clipper 2in1

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With a B&B Paw clipper 2 in 1, you get both a quiet machine for cutting fur around the dog's paws and an electric nail file.

Comes with the mower:
Cutting blades in 2 sizes, spacer combs in 2 sizes and an electric file.

With one and the same machine, you can cut the fur under the paws and file their nails.

The machine is also suitable for cutting a little free around the eyes and for cutting off less felt on both dogs and cats

Charges via USB plug

NOTE: There is a 1-year warranty on the B&B paw clipper 2in1
Note that the blades are not covered by the warranty, as they are a consumable part

Tips! You can extend the life of the blades by oiling them.
The oil is included and you just need to drip a few drops on the blade while the machine is running.

Make sure to brush off loose hair on the blade regularly (brush included)

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