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Lick Pad

Lick Pad

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When you need to activate your dog in a fun way, this lick pad is just the thing.

The base is equipped with suction cups which ensure that it rests securely on the floor, the tiles, the bathtub, in the shower cubicle or the wall.
This means that you can really use it where you want it.

This system of lick pads comes from a study about dogs and what makes them calm. licking has a calming effect on dogs and gives them a sense of well-being. It activates and challenges at the same time.

You can use mashed banana, cream cheese, liver pâté and wet food, and much more. It is only your imagination that sets the limits and what your dog can tolerate of course. You can also use this lick pad for everyday feeding. This means that the dog spends more time on its meal.

It is also dishwasher safe.

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