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Kronch Pemmican

Kronch Pemmican

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Energy supplement for dogs with high energy needs

Kronch Pemmikan is an energy block for dogs that really need to perform or dogs that need a concentrated energy supplement for other reasons.

With Kronch Pemmikan, you can give the dog large amounts of easily absorbable energy in a small space. In this way, you avoid overfilling the dog's stomach/intestinal system, but at the same time ensure that the dog gets the amount of energy it needs.

Pemmican can be used for increased performance needs, e.g. in connection with work tasks such as hunting and competition or during pregnancy, lactation or restitution.

Content: 400 grams (2 x 200 grams)

Feed composition

Ingredients: Fish meal, lard, vegetable fat, dextrose, corn, barley, brewer's yeast, vitamin/mineral mixture.

Energy per 100 g 613 kcal

Crude protein 24.0 g

Crude fat 59.0 g

Crude fiber 0.5 g

Raw ash 5.5 g

Water 4.0 g

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