Collection: Training and Outdoor

Essential Equipment for training and outdoor life with the dog: Treat bags, Høm Høm Bags and Paikka Drying Blanket

Being a dog owner involves more than just love and care for your four-legged friend. It also requires the right equipment to ensure that both training and everyday life are as smooth and comfortable as possible. Regardless of whether you are out training, on a walk or need to dry your dog after a rainy day, treat bags, høm høm bags and the Paikka drying blanket are indispensable.

Treat bags : Treat bags are a great help during training and walks. These practical bags make it easy to store treats so you can quickly reward your dog's good behavior. With a range of pouches that can be attached to your belt or trousers, you'll always have treats close at hand. Many goody bags come with several compartments for storing small items such as clickers, keys and hem hem bags. They are designed for easy access and quick closure, making them ideal for effective training.

Høm Høm Poser : Responsible dog ownership includes always cleaning up after your dog. Høm høm bags are a necessity during walks, and the best bags are both robust and easy to use. There are environmentally friendly options that are biodegradable, thus protecting the environment. For added convenience, you can choose a høm høm bag holder that can be easily attached to your dog's leash or belt, so you always have bags close at hand.

Paikka Drying Blanket : After a wet walk or bath, your dog needs to be dried quickly and efficiently. The Paikka drying blanket is the perfect solution for this. The drying blanket is made of highly absorbent material that effectively sucks water away from your dog's fur and skin, reducing the risk of cold and wet spots. It's easy to put on and take off, and sits comfortably on your dog so it can move freely while drying. Ideal for use after rainy walks, bath time or swimming, the Paikka drying blanket helps keep your home dry and clean.

With these essential products, you can significantly improve your everyday life as a dog owner. Treat bags make training efficient and fun, høm høm bags ensure clean walks, and the Paikka drying blanket keeps your dog warm and dry. Invest in quality equipment and discover how these small things can make a big difference for both you and your dog.